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  1. Module 1  Forex Redeemer – 6 Training Videos & PDF Manual
  1. Module 2  Deep Blue System – 6 Training Videos & PDF Manual
  1. Module 3  Light Blue System – 16 Training Videos & PDF Manual
  1. Guaranteed Working Indicators & Template
  2. Everything listed below from the original website including all Bonuses & Future updates*

  • Auto-installer

The auto-installer will set up your charts for you. It removes the work of setting up the indicators and the candles colors, and it will even install a template. You will find 2 surprise indicators when you use the auto-installer. You get the SRT and the TRS indicators as a bonus.

  • Ultra Blue systems

Ultra Blue is a collection of several simple and highly profitable trading systems that use the same template. These are an amazing set of systems, all there for you to explore and get creative with. Mix and match systems or pick one you like best. You can be your own mad scientist and create the ultimate hybrid.

  • Bonus Ultra Blue systems

Just when you think you have all the systems, there’s MORE. More systems, more methods, and more valuable information. 

  • Forex Redeemer system

Forex Redeemer is the star of the show!

The Forex Redeemer system is the ONE system that has been built using all the best parts of Ultra Blue. This is the monster that will make you money with as little as a 30% win ratio. Simple and single-minded of purpose, Redeemer is an account-building animal!

  • Video tutorials

For every aspect of Ultra Blue, there are video tutorials. There are dozens of instructional videos as well as constantly updated and regularly posted educational videos. The library of videos grows larger every week.

  • Lot Size calculator

You risk a certain percentage of your account on each trade. You have access to a calculator with the tutorials, to know exactly what lot size you need. Like any secret formula, you need the right amount of the right ingredients to make it perfect, and lot size is a CRITICAL component of such a recipe.

  • Trade reviews

There are several trade types with Ultra Blue, I will regularly go over the different trades that have occurred explaining the good, the bad, and the ugly about each trade. Not every trade is a winner and we look at those most.

  • Trade setups

There are trade setups almost everyday. I focus on the longer term 1 hour and 4 hour Redeemer setups giving you all the time you need to setup your trades.

  • Regular updates

I  constantly work on improving the Ultra Blue system. There will be new trading methods you can take advantage of, and as I post them, you will be the first to know.

  • Ongoing education

I love to teach you about trading. Every time I see something that I can talk about, I will record a video and send you the link to it. These are videos that will occur on a virtually day by day basis.

*Please note – Membership to the owner’s site is NOT included.

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