EA Golden Moon v7

EA Golden Moon v7

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EA Golden Moon v7

Original website: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/53541?source=Unknown

Original price:  $249

Content: Expert: EA Golden Moon V7.ex4, Presets: EA_Golden_moon_M1.set, EA Golden Moon Universal m30.set, GBPJPY_moon_min5.set, XAUUSD Ea Golden Moon m15.set, GBPCAD_moon_m5.set, GBPAUD_moon_m5.set, GBPUSD_moon_m5.set, EA_Golden_Moon_M5.set, How to install MT4 files.pdf


EA Golden Moon is a fundamentally new Expert Advisor for automated trading that uses an algorithm for determining zones of accumulation of volumes, taking into account the determination of a trend.
An additional filter for determining the entry point is the author’s built-in indicator, which determines the trend as an additional filter that determines the price direction in the future.
The Expert Advisor trades on the breakout of price levels (according to the mathematical algorithm, it determines the area of ​​accumulation of volumes) after breaking through the maximum and minimum of this zone, the Expert Advisor enters into a deal.

Timeframe: M30
Settings are available here

Minimum deposit $1000 (per trading pair)
• Any type of account (it is better to start with a cent account)
• Leverage 1: 500 or higher
• Timeframe M30

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