G-Cash Market Maker Cycle Dashboard

G-Cash Market Maker Cycle Dashboard

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G-Cash Market Maker Cycle Dashboard


Content: Indicator: G Cash Market Maker Cycle Identification Dashboard.ex4, How to install MT4 files.pdf



G-Cash Dash – Market Makers Cycle and trend identification dashboard 

Ideal to help you profit against the market maker.

The Perfect tool for Market Makers Method and any trend following strategy 


-Cycle direction, Peak High Peak low

– Cycle projection

-Symbol changer- No need to change charts on the dashboard

Status – showing how far into the cycle the pair has been

Real time status – Showing where pair is currently in the cycle in real time .

ADR- Average daily range in pips of the selected Symbol

Stop Hunt alert – alerts you when pair is stop hunting and potentially at High of day or low of day

RSI Alert – Tells you if pair is over bought or sold

Cells are colour coded to keep you trading inline with the identified cycle

All of this information combined together will help you defeat the market maker in one easy to read dashboard

So What is the pattern of the market maker .

The Market makers aim is to take our money to achieve their ends they do this through their hidden patterns and market cycles

This tool identifies that pattern and projects this cycle of the market onto your charts updating in real-time

The tool also gives entry/exit  confluences to assist you in getting in and out at the right time

Designed and built by professional trader and used daily by us this tool allows you to scan the entire market and find with the confluences it displays.

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