IndexTrader v1.1

IndexTrader v1.1

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IndexTrader v1.1

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What is INDEXTRADER and How does it Trade?

INDEXTRADER is a Metatrader 4 expert advisor designed especially for SP500. Built by Alnotrade, developers of the highly sucessful DragonPRO scalper – and Euroka (institutional only) system.

As usual, we run our system on a live account, showing real world execution and profit, not just a fluffy backtest, or worse still a live account with a broker of dubious origins. We only use regulated and globally recognised brokers.

It trades once per day with a fixed stop and loss of 4 points of SP500. It is hugely profitable, uses no daft tactics of martingale, grid, scaling in or cost averaging. 1 trade per day with a fixed Stop loss and Take Profit, it is very easy to use and trade, with very little stress as trades are typically over in 2 minutes (average trade length).

Real Live Account Metrics:

Monthly Gain: +15%

Drawdown: -8%

(correct as of 6th Dec 21). Scale up risk as you wish! You can use X2, or X4 larger risk should you wish.

It is not intended to be used on Forex pairs, however it will run on other Indices (NASDAQ/HK/NIKKEI) also.

The SP500 is one of the most heavily traded indices, its’ volatile and liquid – perfect for day trading & INDEXTRADER EXPERT ADVISOR.

INDEXTRADER trades only once per day (of each index) at the open of the SP500 session.

INDEXTRADER will run on MT4 broker that supports the index markets, target spread for this pair is 20-50. (0.2 -0.5 SP points), most major broker players are well inside this.

Key Trading Logic:

IndexTrader uses the early 5-10 minutes of the session to place limit and stop orders in line with the prevailing direction of the open. It uses a trailing stop exit and fixed stop loss, systematically it is trading momentum withing the early price action.

Historical Testing (Long Range Backtests)

IndexTrader is Historically using Dukascopy 1 min data to 90% Model Quality.

SP500, stop loss 4.00 points, €150 per point on €10,000 account.

Easy to backtest:

Run on SP500 5 Minute Timeframe, every tick. EA has default settings for the SP500, only need to change lot sizes, the other parameters remain same.

Choose 1.0 lot for each $100 balance for 4% Max loss per trade, 10.0 lots per $1,000 and 100.0 lots per $10,000.

For higher growth, use X2 or X4 the above suggested risk.


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