Men Of Wealth EA v2

Men Of Wealth EA v2

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Men Of Wealth EA v2

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Men Of Wealth EA v2

Men of Wealth V2+ is a self-trading automated system that works on Metatrader 4.

This package makes it possible for Men Of Wealth V2+ to trade all financial markets such as.

Forex Currencies e.g.  EURUSD

Commodities e.g. XAUUSD

Crypt-Currencies e.g. Bitcoin 

Indices e.g. Nasdaq 

Binary Options e.g. EURUSDbo

Synthetic Markets e.g. Volatility 100, 75, 50, 25, & 10 Index

The system is developed from Price Action Trading Strategies, to interact directly with the market price. Once the system is attached to any financial markets, it can place trading positions for Long (Buy) or Short (Sell) positions towards the direction of the market with high accuracy of over 90% on multiple positions. Watch how the system was constructed, updated, optimized, and used on Youtube videos below…

Men Of Wealth V2+ Winning Rate & Accuracy

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The system accuracy ranges between 30% to Over 90% profitability depending on the Volatility, Market Conditions, Market Structures, and the Four Stages of all Financial Markets such as Ascending Stage Distribution Stage, Descending Stage and Accumulation Stages. Depending on the brokers pip or point counts, Men Of Wealth can double your account within 3 hours on one trade with multiple positions.

Risk & Maximum Drawdown

The System can manage and handle multiple open trading positions from a range of 1 to over 100 open Long (Buy) & Short (Sell) positions with high level of accuracy. The risk on each trade is less than 15% drawdown of the whole equity. The risk is distributed evenly among the multiple positions with respect to the account size (equity, balance, free margin, and leverage). The targeted profits on each position are over 45%. Each trade has position managing tools such as trailing stop loss and break even that kicks in at 25% profits and step of 5% for each position. Risk to reward ratio of 3 to 1 for every single position.

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