Micro Martingale

Micro Martingale

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Content:  Expert: Mrg_Micro_Martingale_V1_09b.ex4 (Unlocked)

Micro Martingale

This Expert Advisor is designed for working with all major currency pairs on all timeframes (M1-D1). Micro Martingale is a flexible concept of Martingale, which can work as Full Martingale (Average closing) or Martingale combined with trailing, stop loss and take profit, depending on parameter settings. Orders are triggered based on mathematical algorithms of price correction/reversal. The Expert Advisor will work better during high fluctuations.


  • Martingale System is at high risk.
  • For that reason you must be careful in applying it.
  • Optimzed for M1 timeframe, can run on all Time frame and all pair with Low spreads.

Input Parameters

  • Max_Spreads – maximum allowable spread for opening trades based on the EA’s built-in signals
  • Max_Slipage – slippage control
  • Magic_number – the magic number of the EA
  • Manual_Trading_Active – enable/disable trigger order manually
  • Signal_Level – length of signal for trigger open positions
  • Signal_Limit – signal_level limitations
  • Max_Open_Positions – limit of transaction max
  • Max_Open_Increment – limit max transaction in one Candle
  • Auto_Lot_Size – True or False for using Money Management
  • RiskPercent – percentage of the Free Margin per trade (if Auto_Lot_Sixe = True)
  • Lotsize_if_noMM – fix lots (if Auto_Lot_Suze = False)
  • MaxLots – maximum lots size allowable
  • Profit_Lock_FirstTime – percentage locking profit
  • Profit_Trailing_Start – percentage trailing start
  • Profit_Trailing_Step – percentage trailing step
  • Loss_Close_Percent – percentage loss for closing
  • Martingale_Active – enable/disable martingale
  • Marting_Min_Grid – limit minimum loss for martingale
  • Marting_Multiplication – multiplication lots size for martingale
  • Max_Reopen – maximum reopen for martingale
  • Alert_ – Alert
  • TimeStart – Time to start trading
  • TimeEnd – Time to end trading
  • NoTradeTimeStart_1 – start of time to disable the EA
  • NoTradeTimeEnd_1 – end of time to disable the EA
  • Close_All_Positions – (Never, End Of Day or End Of Week)
  • Locking_Active – enable/disable
  • Locking_Multiplication – lot multiplication for locking
  • Locking_loss_percent – percentage loss for locking
  • BB_Period – filtering by the Bollinger Bands indicator (0 = disabled)

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