Scalper 100Pips

Scalper 100Pips

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Today I would like to share nice trend indicator for M1/M5 trading. It’s name Scalper100Pips. It’s very simple in use and provide trader with accurate signals. Also, we attached the popular ChartTrailing device – make scalping trading more fast – safe – exciting.

ANY PAIRS & M1 – M5 Time Frames

Scalper100Pips is based on two trend indicators with different signal period – fast and slow. It helps to generate accurate signals and avoid false signals on Market noise. Visually it’s very simple in use – blue line means BUY signal, red line means SELL signal. Very simple and accurate. Indicator has 3 types of alerts – sound/email/push notifications. Chose one you like and make Pips.

ChartTrailing is amazing tool for Take Profit & Stop Loss installation. Very useful in one click trading. Also, main feature of the tool – you can change parameters fast, right on the chart. ChartTrailing allows you to set Trailing Stop Loss too. This is not very useful for M1/M5 trading – but you can use this device with any other indicator you like.

Important: please, note, ChartTrailing will modify all manual orders without SL/TP. Be careful. If your open orders has TP/SL already – it won’t affect it anyhow.

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