Slingshot Forex by Dean Saunders

Slingshot Forex by Dean Saunders

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original website:

Now the website is down and the only place where this product is still available is GregForex webshop.

The package contains 10 mp4 videos.

Please find the original sales letter of the Slingshot Forex below:

“I just closed a trade for 134 pips profit using just a tiny 14 pip stop loss!

…Yes thats a risk reward ratio of 9.5:1

But the crazy thing is thats pretty common when you 

use the trading pattern I reveal to you in todays video. 

I discovered this simple pattern after 2 years of 

struggling to trade Forex and it has been a permanent 

part of my trading toolbox ever since. 

Even though I have been using it for so many years it 

still amazes me when I see it pinpoint moves with 

almost zero drawdown!

Every person I have taught this trading pattern to has 

been amazed by its power and simplicity.

It’s literally just 3 simple steps to qualify a setup, Im 

confident anyone can use this and have great results.”

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